Judo World Tour-2019,Nepal.

Morgan Girardeau, founder and CEO of Judo World Tour visited 121 judo clubs in 41 countries at 2015-2017. He made promise to come back to Nepal when he visited Nepal at 2016 during his world tour. He made a project “Explore, Meet and Share Judo through principles and the values of judo“. It is Jita Kyoei which means mutual welfare and benefit. The main purpose of the trip is to share judo as an educational system to improve lifestyle and support society. Previously he visit himself around world. He created a group to visit Nepal this time. Group of six judokas Emmeric Le Person (also professional photographer of International judo federation), Laurent De Oliveira, Pierre Frish, Luci Roche (also Osteopath) and Mohan Bam (Nepalese Judo player currently living in Australia) was led by Morgan Girardeau.

This group also planted tree at different three dojos with the theme of international judo federation for World Judo Day. First tree was planted at MMAC on 23rd November. On same time special training was held at MMAC with senior and juniors. Deepak Bajracharya- President of Nepal Judo Association handed Token of Love to solidarity team. European Judo Champion of 1976 Mr. Guy Delving who just received 8th Dan Black belt sent his judogi to Nepal Judo Association as a souvenir. Morgan handed his Judo World tour book to Deepak and Dharma, President and General Secretary of Nepal Judo association. Second tree was planted at Deaf Judo dojo in presence of Dharma Kumar Shrestha on same day.

Third Tree was planted at Blind Judo Dojo in presence of Mayor of Kirtipur City and president of Nepal Deaf and Blind Para Judo Association. Tour was started on 18th November and will complete today ( 28th of November ). Team visited Prime judo dojo, DOCSF Judo Dojo, Srijansil Judo Dojo, CWCN Judo DOJO, MMAC judo club, Deaf judo dojo, Blind Judo Dojo, OCCED judo Dojo, PAM judo Dojo and HOPAD judo club in total 11 different judo clubs around Kathmandu. JICA volunteer Judo Coach Misaki Yamada and former judo chief coach of Nepal Manoj Bahadur KC are fully active to support this team during their stay in Nepal. Team donated over 60 judo gis around clubs including some other judo kits. Team is very thankful to Nepal Judo Association and Nepal Deaf & Blind Para Judo Association for their warm welcome and support during the project. Team is looking forward to work closely with National associations to expand and develop Nepal`s judo in Near future.