Choudhary achieve 3rd Dan

Kendo captain Amit Kumar choudhary, first Nepali to get international medal for Nepal in Kendo, became 1st Nepali to achieve 3rd Dan (Sandan) in Kendo . Choudhary makes his country’s flag higher around the world. He said that Kendo has become his life and it teaches him to tackle in his daily life as well. Kendo isn’t only winning and losing,it teaches you to satisfy yourself . Age arent the numbers your heart should be young always and your passion. His Motto – Don’t wait for the moment to come,creat it by yourself. The more faces you meet the more you learn in life that’s kendo. Kendo in Nepal still crawling like a baby and he believes that baby will stand one day holding Nepal’s flag in World Kendo Championship. He is trying to develop kendo in Nepal and his supporters has been increased more and more than before.