Our demand is to set up transparency : Gharti

Kali Bahadur Gharti Magar, is a well known leftist politician who has been actively involved in the field of sports for long. Gharti who hails from Pyuthan, is the General Secretary of All Nepal Sports Federation. Gharti who has achieved national as well as international success in Hapkido is also renowned as technically one of the well versed individuals in Nepali sports leading Nepal Hapkido Martial Arts Association. Under the leadership of this strong individual, the association is expected to take great strides. Here are the excerpts of the conversation. 

The left alliance at the political level is trickling down to sports as well. The sports associations and leadership are also following the footsteps. But does it not create serious problem in managing the various associations and sports ?

First of all, major reason of backwardness of Nepal is the division of communist forces, who took to politics to address various issues of the common people and their day to day problems. Nepal can develop in every part after the unity of the communist forces. Management of sports and association is a small issue compared to the management of the nation.

Have you had any discussion on the issue ?

When our top leaders decided to unite the two parties, we cadres were busy in the election campaign. Our focus was only secure victory for left alliance candidates. Now the party leadership is to decide from which level the unity process is to start. As cadres it’s our duty is to follow the leadership and its decisions. Most of the colleagues associated with the All Nepal Sports Federation are equally responsible individuals in their respective associations. Not just in management or administration but also technically. Thus our management is not a problem and it should not be a concern for leadership as well.

What about your role in sports ?

We have two roles. First of all we are sportsperson. We have our own responsibilities to which we are committed. Secondly, we also have some social and political responsibilities. The fact of the matter is, there is no other sector than sports that practices the non-discrimination policy based on class, caste, color, sex and religion. It is the major theme of sports.  So is the major ideology of the politics we follow. We have fought for ages and sacrificed our lives to create discrimination less society. In sports, we are committed to create the environment in which the only road to success is hard work, skill and ability. And we will be successful soon.

On what grounds you are saying that you will be successful soon?

Our commitment and dedication is the first ground for success. Let’s forget what happened in the past. Our demand and priority is to set up transparency in sports administration. We will focus in this part. I hope the environment will be conducive for the same.

Are you a sportsperson or a politician ?

I reiterate the political ideology we follow and sports have a common motto and theme. To establish discrimination less society, value of labor and skill development are our main themes. These are my priorities. Whichever path takes me closer to contributing for the same, I will be more active in that field.

What is the major problem in Nepali sports sector ?

Our sports sector has reached present day stage under one particular culture as is our society. We have been unable to make a transition away from the age old culture. World sports moved way ahead adopting, “train hard”, “work hard”, and “be successful” formula. We on the other hand faltered. The trend of enjoying in small achievements and marketing them for individual benefits increased. Not only the sports management, even the sportspersons are in the same wrong track. We neither succeeded in developing responsible management nor ambitious sportspersons. We limited ourselves in trifle dreams. One must dream big and work harder to achieve greater success. You need to sacrifice a lot for success. This is all because of the past culture of Nepali sports from which we are unable to come out till date. The management wants flattery rather than performance. Even the politicians have failed here. Most of them came in Nepali sports to gain something rather than to contribute something. This all must end and we are committed to end all these wrong practices.