Ashes doing his best

ashes 4Ashes Rai, 27 renowned karate player of Nepal is doing his best at U.S.A. Rai won JKA/AF National Karate Tournament 2012 Louisiana two years ago. Same year he won Bronze Medal at 48th Annual All-South Karate Championship 2012 held at U.S.A.

Rai, from eastern part of Nepal achieved a lot of medals and trophy before moving to us. He won 3rd place in national karate championship, in 2oo6.   He was gold medal winner of 1st Crown Prince Inter Valley Running Trophy Karate and Kick Boxing Championship 2004. He is also gold medal winner of Gopal Singh Memorial International Karate and Kick Boxing Championship 2002. Same tournament he declared as best player. In Shito-Ryu Karate Kids Valley Championship 2001, he clinched 3rd place in his weight category with best fighter award. He won gold medal at 1st Grandmaster Ken-Wa Mabuni National Inter-School Championship 2000, Ktm.

Extra ordinary talented Ashes success to win title at First Bhutan-Nepal Shito-Ryu Karate and Kick Boxing ChampionshipTournament in 1998. Rai is the champion of 1st Sunsari District Sport Karate Championship 1998 and IInd Panatholon International Kids (Olympic) Karate Championship 1995.

Rai, Diploma in Shito-Ryu Karate, got several honors’ when he was starting his carrier. He Represented Nepal in Olympic Youth Camp held in Athens 2004. He is record holder as First youngest black belt player in South-East Asia.

Being multitalented and promising star he Received five years scholarship to study in Little Angels School under the National Sports Council of Nepal. Rai completed his Higher Secondary Education in Commerce from Little Angels College, 2006.

Kushal Shrestha, SAGG Gold medal winner and senior Karate player describe Rai as honest and laborious personality. Other member of Karate family also knows Ashes as talented and dynamic personality.