Karki Achieved Glorious results at American Taekwon-Do Martial Arts Academy

In a remarkable display of skill and dedication, Miss Sahara Karki, aged just 11 and a sixth-grader, has soared to new heights in the world of Taekwon-Do. Under the expert guidance of Master Krishna Balal at the American Taekwon-Do Martial Arts Academy, Miss Karki has achieved the prestigious rank of Black Belt, marking a significant milestone in her martial arts journey. Her accomplishments extend far beyond her recent promotion.

Miss Karki’s outstanding performance in various championships is nothing short of awe-inspiring. She clinched the Gold medal at the National Capital Open Taekwon-Do Championship, showcasing her exceptional talent and determination. Adding to her accolades, she secured two Gold medals at the Captain’s Cup in Maryland and emerged victorious at the AAU Virginia State Championship, claiming yet another Gold medal.

Notably, she was also honored as the Gold medalist in the USA Taekwon-Do Virginia State. These remarkable achievements underscore Miss Karki’s unwavering commitment to excellence and her undeniable potential in the martial arts arena.

With her sights set on the future, she aspires to become a Master, a testament to her ambitious spirit and boundless dedication. The American Taekwon-Do Martial Arts Academy, established in September 2021, has swiftly become a hub of excellence under the guidance of Master Krishna Balal. With its official training commencement on March 1st, 2024, the academy continues to nurture and empower promising talents like Miss Sahara Karki, shaping the future of Taekwon-Do.