“After 23 years of participating in the Asian Games, even the daughter is prepared.”

From September 23 to October 9, the 19th Asian Games are going to be held in Hangzhou, China. Nepal’s Sunira Thapa, along with Abhilasha Bista and Mahika Rana, have been selected to participate in women’s tennis. Along with them, Raayanaa Shah is also going to compete in the Belgian King’s Cup Tennis to be held in Bahrain from October 16.

Based on performance in the previous competition, Sunira was expected to perform well in this year’s event. However, luck favored her, and she became a subject of destiny because asiad was postponned for one year from 2022 because of Covid Restiction in China . Nepali Tennis was not planned  to participate in 2022. But this year’s Sports council changed policy and Nepal tennis have chance to Compete at Asiad.

 Suniraa Thapa had previously clinched the first position in the CEOS Cup Tennis as well. This marked a significant achievement in her life.

Winning titles at the age of 14 and becoming a champion at 15 for the Asian Games was not an accidental occurrence. Probably, among the Nepali athletes who participate in the Asian Games, she is one of the youngest.

Her mother, Nira Kayastha, was national champion in soft tennis for a long time. She was inspired by her mother.So, she aims to excel in this sport and become a star in this field.

Her continuous hard work and inspiration made her trustworthy for this success. She gives much of the credit for this achievement to her family, especially her mother Nira. In this success, the support of Vinod Lan, Vice President of the Tennis Association, and the founder President of Kaski District Tennis Association, has also been significant.

Nira had participated in the 11th Asian Games in China in 1990. This is another milestone for Nepali athletes. Even after 23 years, She remains modest about this achievement. In sports, this is the most important thing she has ever achieved. Despite the challenging international competition environment for individuals from Nepal, Sunira is vigilant about her excellent performance. For this reason, she has a focused mindset. This attitude is appreciated by the entire St. Mary’s School community in providing her support, creating a conductive environment for her sporting activities.